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Development Plans




Funding has just come through for paths to be continued through the site. These will reach all around the back where we will have our crane enclosures owl flight pens, along with our native section. This will include the national grouse collection of scotland - Red grouse, Black grouse, capercaillie and ptarmigan - along with wild cats and red squirrels. 

Visitor centre



The visitor centre is now open

The centre includes a coffee shop, classroom and children’s playground outside.

The playground allows parents to enjoy a coffee whilst keeping one eye on their children. Hand feeding opportunities will allow visitors to get up close to many of our birds.

The Visitor Centre will financially support our future plans to add Scottish native wildlife, Australiana and South American exhibits including Chilean Flamingos. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the centre. Sign up for centre opening updates.

This project is being part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Scottish Borders LAG LEADER 2014-2020 Programme.

Additional Visitor Centre funding provided by:

DLX Community

Benefit Trust

The Baby Barn!

 We rebuilt an old barn, funded by a Crowdfunder campaign using straw bales and lime render mortar, and are turning it into a world class facility where the chicks are incubated, hatched and reared under specific conditions.The insulating quality of the straw bale construction helps us to maintain a steady temperature

The baby barn features a "wet rearing room" for chicks needing a pond. Visitors will be able to watch ducklings, goslings and flaminglings learn how to swim.

A "dry rearing room" hosts chicks that need a drier rearing environment for example Galliform chicks such as pheasants, grouse, quails and rare breed chickens

THANK YOU to the crowdfund of 111 generous people who kickstarted the baby barn and raised over £4,000. It’s not too late to donate or buy a baby gift from our Amazon wish list.


ITV visited a snowy bird gardens and met some of the flock including the endangered white-winged duck. 

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