Welcome to Bird Gardens Scotland CIC!

Conservation—one hatch at time

Bird Gardens Scotland works to effectively breed rare birds and aims to become a leading conservation breeding and Visitor Centre. By bringing birds and people together, we can contribute to the conservation of threatened species from Scotland and across the world.

We will be opening soon and you will be able to enjoy the two hectares of gardens and the birds that live within them.


We are adjacent to Oxton Pottery, where we offer classes for all levels.

About Us

Bird Gardens Scotland is home to many species of waterfowl, most of which are endangered or threatened in their native environment.


We also keep rheas, emus, wallabies, domestic ducks and rare chicken breeds.

 Currently, we are building a Visitor Centre and a Baby Barn to rear chicks including Chilean Flamingos.


 Our expert bird breeder, Owen Joiner is one of a few people to successfully

hand-rear these beautiful birds.


Get up to date on our development plans.

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Support Bird Gardens Scotland

There are many ways you can help Bird Gardens Scotland CIC. Whether through a donation of time, money or an item from our Amazon wish list, we need people to share our vision of a fun, educational conservation experience. Get involved today.

Goings on at the Bird Gardens