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Welcome to Bird Gardens Scotland CIC!
Conservation—one hatch at time

By bringing birds and people together, we can contribute to the conservation of threatened species from Scotland and across the world.

We are open every day 10 am - 4.30 pm 

Adult £10

Children, students and all other concessions £6.50

Under 5's free

Tickets valid for 12 months

Come and feed the flamingos as our first hands on experience. 

The cost of this is £60 for a group of up to 6 people. This fee buys a month of flamingo food.

There is no minimum or maximum age for this although children do need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. This experience takes place at 11:30 daily regardless of the weather so if you are booking with us, make sure you bring appropriate footwear and clothing. Feeding is limited to once a day only so to check availability and to book, send us a message through facebook. Alternatively, email us at or drop in and see us

About Us

Bird Gardens Scotland is home to many species of birds which are endangered or threatened in their native habitat.


Bird Gardens Scotland has two key objectives. Firstly, to promote and demonstrate a more sustainable way of living helping to conserve the natural world.

Secondly, to promote the conservation of the natural world. We are involved with an ever-expanding number of conservation breeding programmes to help save some of the rarest birds. 

We welcome you to join us. In doing so you will be crusading the survival of rare birds. 



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Support Bird Gardens Scotland

There are many ways you can help Bird Gardens Scotland CIC. Whether through a donation of time, money or an item from our Amazon wish list, we need people to share our vision of a fun, educational conservation experience. Get involved today.

Goings on at the Bird Gardens

During the school holidays we will be doing an interactive talk every day. This will be at 12:30 every day over the holidays. Talks will either be snakes or tortoise. 

There is no need to book these. Just turn up on the day.

On the29th of June, the Borders social enterprise awards took place. Bird gardens Scotland was awarded the tourism award for our contribution to tourism on the Scottish Borders. 

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